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2013 Alodian Collegiate Basketball Championship season
Host school Flag of UD.svg University of Dalya[1]

Men's Finals 1 2 Wins
Duration February 8-
TV network/s SBC


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Coaching changes[]

Coaching changes
Team Old coach Reason New coach Old position
UBrit school colors UBrit Nick Krause Resigned John Estrada Head coach in BICAA
HUE school colors HUE Brandon Johnson Becomes SMDC Builders Team Manager Ronjay Buenafe Meralco Bolts Player
KL school colors KL Nathan West Resigned Andy Priaulx Team Consultant
UMo school colors UMo Ryan Lee Move as Team Manager Rey Gumatas RU and SMDC Head Coach
RU school colors RU Rey Gumatas Move to UMo Darwin Galvez Magnolia Health Teamakers Head Coach
TAA school colors TAA Scott Nevins Move as Assistant Coach Tom Kristensen Team Manager
During the Season


Alodian College Basketball Championship
Flag Team Men's Coach Women's Coach Junior's Coach
Flag of PCA.svg PCA Destinies Michael Welch Alice Greczyn Misha Crosby
Flag of UBrit.svg UBrit Logicals John Estrada Victoria Henley Pauley Perrete
Flag of UD.svg University of Dalya Knights Matthew Fahey Ashley Argota Kristina Kuzmic
Flag of HUE.svg HUE Kings Ronjay Buenafe Nicole Anderson Ion Overman
Flag of KL.svg Kasia Lyceum Wealthers Andy Priaulx Amy Parffath Graham Patrick Martin
Flag of UMi.svg University of Mikaela Scaners Cameron Monaghan Claire Sinclair TBD
Flag of MPU.svg Molly Polytechnic University Englishmens Josh Sussman Nastasia Scott TBD
Flag of UMo.svg University of Monique Laurels Rey Gumatas Laura James TBD
Flag of RU.svg Ravalli University Victors Darwin Galvez Ashley Rickards TBD
Flag of TAA.svg TAA Archers Tom Kristensen Taryn Southern TBD


  1. Jaclyn University will be suspended due to Illegitimate Mood with Dominique State University